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Draft Schedule of Main Modifications to Section 2 Colchester Local Plan

Representation ID: 8407

Received: 04/11/2021

Respondent: Anglian Water Services

Agent: Anglian Water Services

Representation Summary:

SC1-14.X. The inclusion of the ABRO site. Please see Anglian Water’s comments dated 27 October 2021.

Change suggested by respondent:

In summary, the changes set out in the Main Modifications serve to increase the effectiveness and consequent soundness of the Local Plan.

Full text:

Anglian Water notes the increase in housing numbers overall, the increased focus on urban Colchester to deliver more new homes and the deletion of one of the Garden Communities from the Plan. I have reviewed Anglian Water’s previous comments and also note that Anglian Water did not enter into a Statement of Common Ground with the Council. I note that no changes are proposed in relation to the Copford and Langham developments in connection with their wastewater infrastructure requirements.

Anglian Water broadly supports the Main Modifications. In addition to the retention of text covering wastewater infrastructure and environmental policy and the monitoring of policy in decisions and outcomes we specifically support the following changes:

13.8. The inclusion of the requirement for 10% biodiversity net gain and its addition to Policy ENV1.
13.X. The clarification that in making decisions the Council will seek to encourage development proposals which improve the quality of the water environment.
Policy ENV1. Inclusion of the reference to the Anglian River Basin Management Plan.
ENV3 & CC1 -
Policy ENV3. Additional support for green infrastructure measures to protect and enhance water bodies as this supports the existing SuDS policies.
13.49, 13.50 AM23 and Policy CC1. Specific targets for increasing tree canopy cover as this nature based solutions are one element of Anglian Water’s own pathway to get to net zero by 2030.
Policy PP1. Clarification that proposals must also demonstrate adequate water supply network enhancements.
14.X. The inclusion of the ABRO site. Please see Anglian Water’s comments dated 27 October 2021.
14.60. The inclusion of the requirement that proposals for the Middlewick Ranges site make contributions towards the costs of delivering flood defence and management solutions in view of its location in the Critical Drainage Area.
14.137. Clarification through deletion that enhancements to wastewater treatment and sewerage infrastructure are not needed in Boxted to serve the Hill Farm development.
14.206. Confirmation that all criteria must be meet by development proposals including adequate wastewater treatment and sewage infrastructure capacity.
15.49. Confirmation that sites will be required to have water and sewage infrastructure and be connected to the mains sewer system.
15.66. Inclusion of water efficiency as one of the ways in which the existing housing stock when it is extended or altered can help to address climate change given that water and wastewater provision uses energy
15.139. The update to the position on Critical Drainage Areas identified by ECC and the consequent need to ensure that surface water flooding is considered in developments in and near these locations including the use of SuDS to deliver betterment for the existing and new communities.
15.149 and 15.150. Full reference to the Water Cycle Study. 15.151. Inclusion of the reference on higher water efficiency standards and the consequent importance of Building Regulations for water body quality.