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Draft Schedule of Main Modifications to Section 2 Colchester Local Plan

Representation ID: 8997

Received: 14/11/2021

Respondent: Mr Geoffrey Johnson

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Representation Summary:

DM5 Tourism etc Developments should of course be subject to the Relevant areas' Planning Policy .

Full text:

12:77 CBC should have a requirement that all relevant Infrastructure additions are actually in place at an appropriate time BEFORE the relevant development is completed .

13:41 I can’t find any references to light pollution . For example , The Victory Pub in West Mersea has a substantial number of lights in its garden which are extremely noticeable when lit . They also appear to be lit well into the evening at times when there is no realistic possibility of any / many customers using the garden - eg damp mid November evenings . CBC needs a policy so it can determine what it considers an appropriate level of lighting on premises generally .

SS12a The principles in the comment re 12:77 should apply to proposed developments in West Mersea particularly in connection with Schools , Parking and Medical care .

SS12b The “exceptional circumstances “ paragraph in the Coast Road section should either be deleted or modified so the exceptional circumstances “OVERWHELMINGLY outweigh all other material considerations“
In connection with Houseboats it should be made clear that any new or replacement houseboat or any modification to an existing Houseboat needs Planning Permission . One can’t put up a new house or modify an existing house in a Protected Area without permission so why could one do so with a Houseboat ? CBC needs to have control over design , location and numbers for Houseboats on the Marsh.
There is also no clarity to the expression “historical vacant sites “ .Where are they , how are they determined , what consultation is there in connection with an assertion that a site falls within the expression ? E G If a Houseboat had been on a site (now unoccupied for say 30 years) for only a modest period of time does that qualify - even if the Marsh has shifted over time so that a new vessel would now damage it ?
There appears to be no reference to the Section 106 Agreement in connection with a specific portion of the Marsh, where the Agreement presumably remains in force .

DM5 Tourism etc Developments should of course be subject to the Relevant areas' Planning Policy .

DM22 There needs to be a policy for dealing with parking , not only at any new development but also in the locality . In other words extra parking would be necessary at Kingsland Road , Barfield Road and High Street to acommodate the cars of those living in the new developments when they are shopping locally .