West Bergholt Neighbourhood Plan

[estimated] Ended on the 5 March 2019
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(1) 8. Vision, Aims and Framework for Developing Our Plan

8.1 A Vision for Our Parish and Village

The Neighbourhood Plan intends to influence the future for the better by the concerted actions of many agencies and organisations and to do so in harmony with the wider community in West Bergholt. This will have an impact on West Bergholt as a place and will similarly affect its community as individuals, families and groups of citizens. This is reflected in a vision statement which was tested out during consultation periods, with the majority of those providing feedback feeling it was appropriate for a plan lasting many years.

The West Bergholt Vision Statement:

"By 2033 West Bergholt will be a prosperous community which has taken control of its destiny through local decision-making; which has achieved a sustainable mix of development; and where the combination of the built and natural environment provides an attractive location for residents, businesses and visitors alike."

8.2 Our Aims

Our community, its residents, clubs, societies, organisations, businesses and individuals aspire for an ever-improved quality of life. These aspirations are many and varied. We have grouped the main aspects under the overarching aims, set out below:

Creating a sense of community:

To improve and extend opportunities for all age groups to interact and take part in a wide range of activities and improve communication between and across community groups.

Caring for our environment:

To maintain the distinctiveness of the parish and its identity by protecting the natural and built environment for the enjoyment of future generations and to explore opportunities to create new areas of accessible open space.

Enhancing and expanding community amenities:

To provide improved community facilities which support local groups especially in the areas of sport and recreation, community buildings, telecommunications and meeting areas.

Integrating sustainable communities throughout the parish:

To supportlimitedexpansionintheparishandinvolvethelocalcommunityinall aspects ofdevelopment and change,through consultationand activeinvolvementtodetermine new housing needs, infrastructure needs, changes in land-use designation or husbandry.

8.3 Taking Action

This process of implementing our Neighbourhood Plan will be through the following:

  • Seeking compliance with the Plan's Planning Policies;
  • Seeking ways of implementing and funding infrastructure requirements to realise both the Planning Policies and Community Ambitions;
  • Developing a holistic action plan, made up of Planning Policies and Community Ambitions.
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