West Bergholt Neighbourhood Plan

[estimated] Ended on the 5 March 2019
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12. Policies and Community Ambitions

The Plan from here on in contains the detailed policies and community ambitions that will help to meet the community's vision for West Bergholt and address key issues that have been raised during consultation. Planning Policies relate to the use and development of land. Community Ambitions relate to the wider aspirations which the community can achieve through their own efforts.

The Planning Policies (in the blue tables) will be taken into account by the local planning authority, Colchester Borough Council and other decision makers when determining planning applications and appeals. Development proposals will also be determined with reference to national policy and the development plan. In addition, these Planning Policies will guide developers and prospective applicants.

The Community Ambitions (in the green tables) form the basis of a more community focused set of initiatives which will largely replace those in the Parish Plan.

Each chapter that follows is preceded by an introductory section, which outlines the background and intent of the policy and community ambition and refers to relevant evidence contained in the supporting documents and other evidence base material, which is listed in Appendix 2.

The website also provides copies of or links to the remaining evidence base documents or explains where they are available. In all of the analysis we have asked ourselves "Is what we have fit for the next 15 years?" To help with this a SWOT analysis has been undertaken.

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