Eight Ash Green Neighbourhood Plan

[estimated] Ended on the 5 March 2019
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1. Foreword

1.1 Following over three years of work by the Neighbourhood Plan Group, this document represents the Neighbourhood Plan for Eight Ash Green in respect of the period 2017 – 2033. It covers the area within our parish boundary including the distinct communities of Eight Ash Green, Fordham Heath, Daisy Green, Lexden Heath and Seven Star Green. – see below. Colchester Borough Council approved this designation in June 2015.

Map of the Eight Ash Green

'Neighbourhood Area'

1.2 In developing the Plan, wide ranging and continuous consultation has taken place both informally and formally to include the Parish Council, the villagers of the Parish, landowners/agents and business owners working in close liaison with Colchester Borough Council. Advice has also been sought from Colchester Borough Council; the Rural Community Council for Essex and a very experienced town planner who has examined some 50 neighbourhood plans and Health Checks for Neighbourhood Plan groups. Full details are set out in the Consultation Statement available at www.eightashgreen.net

1.3 The outcome from the six week (42 days) consultation of v26 of the Neighbourhood Plan (12th February 00.00 – 25th March 2018 24.00), undertaken under Regulation 14 of the Neighbourhood Plan Regulations 2012, showed over 90 per cent of the villagers fully supported the Plan and its contents, with 633 hits on the website, 177 hits on the comments form and 70 comments form completed. Detailed comments and observations from this exercise can be found in the Consultation Statement and have been incorporated in the Plan where appropriate.

1.4 The very strong measure of support from the village not only for the Plan itself but also the Objectives and Policies, reflects the extensive consultation process undertaken, as reflected in Section 7 below.

Eight Ash Green Neighbourhood Plan Group

Authorised by the Eight Ash Green Parish Council to prepare this Neighbourhood Plan

November 2018

Lower Fordham Heath

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