Eight Ash Green Neighbourhood Plan

[estimated] Ended on the 5 March 2019
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(1) Projects

11.1 The Neighbourhood Plan Group has identified a number of projects the village wishes to pursue/see adopted that fall outside the remit of the planning system ie non-planning actions or proposals. These are listed below and taken in conjunction with the various Objectives and Policies that form part of the Neighbourhood Plan, they provide a package of measures the villagers wish to see implemented.

The natural environment

11.2 Protection and enhancement of the open aspect, rural nature and feel of the village is important. The Parish Council owns and maintains the Heath, the "Jewel in the Crown" of the village. The Project below garnered 100 per cent support at the village open meeting of 6th May 2017.

Environment Project: Support and encouragement is to be provided to farmers and other land-owners who wish to introduce new and/or maintain current natural habitats for wildlife


Economy – Business

11.3 Although the installation of charging points for electric vehicles is a widespread permitted development, Business Project 1 below sends a clear signal of support for such an expansion thus helping to reduce the carbon footprint in the village.

Business Project 1: To support the introduction of charging points for electric cars and commercial vehicles on both the Moat Farm and Fiddlers Farm business areas

11.4 Separate to the two business areas in the village (Moat and Fiddlers Farms), there are a number of small retail outlets that includes the cluster of shops and a garage at Wood Corner, as well as farm shop and garden centre/cafe in Turkey Cock Lane. Project 2 below garnered some 88 per cent support at the village open meeting of 6th May 2017.

Business Project 2: To support the various small retail businesses located in the village by encouraging local people to use these facilities where practicable, thus helping to contribute towards the sustainability of the village


11.5 The village, which contains the very busy A1124, is only some 5 km from

the very large town of Colchester. Nevertheless, Eight Ash Green is a rural village

much valued by all who live here. In addition, there are some truly rural parts of

the village and these include Foxes Lane (which is a Protected Lane) and Daisy

Green for example. Seven Star Green is a registered Village Green of medieval

legacy and Abbotts Lane has the historical feature of its pond which provides a

safe habitat for wildlife. The desire to maintain the rurality of these locations

remains strong with no wish to "urbanise" any of these locations. The Project

below garnered support in the 90s in percentage terms at the village open

meeting of 6th May 2017.

Infrastructure Project: To continue to retain and protect the unique rural nature of the village and in particular Foxes Lane; Daisy Green; Seven Star Green; Turkey Cock Lane; and Abbotts Lane by not introducing any form of "urban" infrastructure such as road widening, street lights, yellow lines or pavements


Road safety

11.6 Anti-social parking in Abbotts Lane can prevent, or make difficult, access to Doucecroft School which is located at the far south eastern end of the narrow Lane. Design Guideline no 67 of the Village Design Statement of 2013 provides the basis of Project 1 below.

Road safety Project 1: To ensure that parking in Abbotts Lane does not obstruct access to the school by the emergency services, by way of the introduction of appropriate traffic orders

11.7 Due to the substantial number of HGV vehicles using the unclassified road between Fordham Heath and Fordham in the vicinity of the Holy Trinity School and Fiddlers Folly, traffic calming measures would help to ensure the possibility of an incident is reduced. Design Guideline no 68 of our Village Design Statement of 2013 provides the basis of Project 2 below.

Road safety Project 2: To ensure safe and appropriate access to the Holy Trinity School by the installation of traffic calming measures such as chicanes on both sides of the local road and its junction with Fiddlers Folly


11.8 A good primary school education provides the foundation for pupils as they progress through the education system and any appropriate development on the school land/premises that supports this, is to be encouraged and supported. The Project below garnered some 98 per cent support at the village open meeting of 6th May 2017.

Education Project: To encourage and support the effective and optimum use of the land at the school with the aim of maintaining and where appropriate, enhancing the education provided to the pupils



11.9 High speed broadband is the lifeblood of business and is highly desirable for domestic properties, not only for leisure purposes but also to enable people to work effectively from home. The Project below garnered 100 per cent support at the specific Focus Group meeting of 25th February 2017 and in response to question 28 of the March 2017 questionnaire, some 80 per cent of householders said they would wish to change to superfast broadband. Action Plan no 9 of the 2011 Parish Plan concerned "Broadband in the Village" where the expectation was described as follows:- An improvement in Broadband speed for the whole village, by the best economical means possible".

Communications Project: The provision of effective fibre superfast broadband to both the Designated Business Area in the village and the existing houses in Eight Ash Green is to be supported.


Effective use of land

11.10 There are various parcels of land in the village that include areas where people park their cars so as to use the appropriate facility as per below. They should be kept in good order, safe to use and navigate, especially in view of the number of different groups, ages and disabilities of people who regularly use them. These include the Village Hall booked by numerous groups or societies; the Cricketers Public House which is a really key asset, well supported by the villagers (and beyond); the C of E Church especially if this area is to become a "community hub" with the introduction of a new village hall in due course; and the car park along Heath Road to the north of the football pitch.

Land Project: To maintain and where appropriate, to improve both the land itself and the areas for parking at the existing Village Hall on Spring Lane, the Cricketers Public House; the C of E Church; and along Heath Road


Community safety

11.11 To help ensure the safety of both pedestrians and motorists, it is important all the street lights in the village are in good working order and effective use is made of the latest technology. The Project below garnered some 99 per cent support at the village open meeting of 6th May 2017.

Community Safety Project: To work with Essex County Council to ensure the existing street lights are kept in good order and, where necessary, are repaired promptly and to encourage ECC to replace the existing street lights with LED technology. A similar approach should be taken by the Parish Council in respect of the street lights that are the responsibility of the Parish Council


Access and leisure

11.12 If the activities set out below are to be enjoyed, particularly by the participants, then it is vital the land is kept in good condition especially in terms of the playing surface for cricket. As owners of both pitches, the Parish Council fully supports Project 1 below.

Access and Leisure Project 1: To ensure that both the football and cricket pitches are well maintained and are kept in good condition

11.13 To help counter irresponsible dog fouling, having safe and effective dog "poo" bins is essential.

11.14 An article in the village newsletter of November 2015, reminded dog owners of the need to act responsibly and use the dog "poo" bins. The article in the Essex County Standard of Friday 10th February 2017 highlighted how "dirty dog owners" were making residents' lives a misery around the Holy Trinity School leaving their dogs' mess on the ground.

Access and Leisure Project 2: To ensure the existing dog "poo" pins are well maintained and are kept in good condition

11.15 If cycling is to be encouraged and supported, it is vital to ensure the National Cycle Network Route 13 route is kept open and as safe as possible. Discussions with Sustrans, the national cycling organisation, emphasised the importance of this Route as a means of access to and from Colchester.

Access and Leisure Project 3: To work with Essex County Council and Colchester Borough Council to ensure that the route of the National Cycle Network Route 13 within the village is well maintained and is kept in good condition

11.16 Again, if cycling is to be encouraged and supported, a dedicated cycle path would be a key component, linking in with the village footpaths. Some 49 per cent of villagers who responded to question 22 of the March 2017 questionnaire said they would be encouraged to make use of a cycle network in the village should one be developed.

Access and Leisure Project 4: Working with Sustrans, to support and encourage the introduction of a dedicated cycle network in the village and where possible, linking this with the footpath network in the village

11.17 The provision of cycle stands located in four frequently used/visited areas covering the breadth of the village, may help encourage the villagers to cycle more often.

Access and Leisure Project 5: The placement of cycle stands at the Holy Trinity school; the car park on the northern edge of the Heath by the play area; the Cricketers PH; and at the southern end of Wood Lane by the post box is to be supported

11.18 So as to ensure both the enjoyment and safety of participants, it is vital that the footpaths and bridleways are kept in good condition. So as to encourage villagers to participate in/adopt a healthy lifestyle, it is important they have a clear and safe access to the countryside via Public Rights of Ways. Members of the village work under the auspices of the Parish Paths Partnership arrangements to clear and maintain the footpaths and bridleways on a regular basis. Design Guideline 18 of our Village Design Statement of 2013 underpins Project 6 below.

11.19 In addition, farmers and other landowners should be encouraged to report any problems in respect of the routes, way markers and finger posts to Essex County Council.

Access and Leisure Project 6: To ensure the footpaths and bridleways are well maintained and are kept in good condition and to encourage and support farmers/landowners to maintain, mark out and where appropriate, improve the Public Rights of Ways and Bridleways on their land

11.20 The annual village music festival is by now an annual tradition enjoyed by many hundreds of people (Eight Ash Green residents and beyond).

Access and Leisure Project 7: To support and encourage the continuation of the annual village music festival on Parish Council land


The table below summarises the Projects with regard to non-planning issues; the proposed Action(s); the lead organisation; and the Priorities:





Lead and partners




Encouragement of natural habitats for wildlife

PC to meet with farmers and landowners

PC in conjunction with farmers and landowners

Long term


Business 1

Charging points for electric vehicles

In conjunction with the land owners, PC to survey businesses

PC with land owners

Long term


Business 2

Support for small businesses

Adverts – flyers printed and distributed by business owners

Articles (ie not just adverts) in the village newsletters

"Sponsorship" for NPG flyers

PC working with businesses




Protection of rural areas

PC to monitor any potential developments very closely




Road safety 1

Parking in Abbots Lane

PC to survey households in Abbots Lane to ascertain the extent of any problems (if any)

PC with households and ECC



Road safety 2

Traffic calming near the school

PC to survey/ask parents and the Head of the Holy Trinity School about the extent of any problems

PC with households and Head of school




Effective use of school land

To approach the PC about any desirable proposals and/or developments

School Head




Provision of superfast fibre broadband

PC to survey businesses about their current speeds and requirements

PC with appropriate suppliers



Use of land

Enhancement of parking areas

Landowners to monitor use of land and to record any adverse comments

Landowners working with PC where appropriate



Community safety

Improvement to street lights

PC to check on standard and type of street lights

PC with ECC

Long term


Access and Leisure 1

Maintenance of the football and cricket pitches

PC with sports clubs



Access and Leisure 2

Maintenance of the dog poo bins

PC to monitor bins on a regular basis




Access and Leisure 3

Maintenance of National Cycle Network Route 13

PC to monitor on a regular basis

PC with ECC and CBC



Access and Leisure 4

To consider establishing a dedicated cycle network in the village

PC to consider a feasibility study in conjunction with Sustrans

PC with Sustrans



Access and Leisure 5

New cycle stands

PC to survey residents to establish a need




Access and Leisure 6

Maintenance of footpaths and bridleways

PC to establish a working group of interested parties

PC in conjunction with farmers and landowners



Access and Leisure 7

Annual music festival

PC to support the Festival Committee

Festival Committee with PC


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