Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan

Ended on the 10 August 2020
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(1) Spatial Strategy

Objective 1: To deliver development in keeping with the village feel and identity of Tiptree. Objective 2: To value and protect our heritage, including natural habitats and biodiversity.

Objective 3: To promote sensitive development that protects and enriches the landscape, biodiversity and the existing settlement whilst meeting the ongoing needs of the community.

Objective 4: To seek on-going improvements to transport, to utility infrastructure and to digital connectivity.

Objective 5: To prioritise local distinctiveness in every element of change and growth.

Objective 6: To define clearly a revised settlement boundary for Tiptree.

The identity and character of Tiptree is heavily influenced by its landscape setting and character. These aspects are to be retained as a priority. Nevertheless, the requirements of a growing population must be met and the settlement boundary of the village has been extended to meet the housing needs, the social needs and the commercial growth necessary to sustain a vibrant local economy (refer to the Tiptree Policies Map). The result will be a thriving rural centre that retains its most highly valued assets.

The opportunity has also been taken to remove the isolated settlement boundary around the Tiptree Heath area to the south-west of the village. This will protect that area from further development.

All areas outside the settlement boundary are to be considered as 'countryside' and unsuitable for most types of development.


  1. Development proposals within the settlement boundary of Tiptree, as shown on the Tiptree Policies Map will be supported subject to compliance with the other policies in the development plan.
  2. Development proposals outside the settlement boundaries will not be permitted unless:
    1. The proposed development is predominantly for sheltered housing, a nursing home, a health centre or a dental surgery, and there is clear evidence that this need cannot be met within the settlement boundary. The development must also lie adjacent to the settlement boundary, be in close proximity to the village centre, offer considerable social benefits to the community (by virtue of the uses proposed) and not significantly worsen traffic congestion in Tiptree village. In this respect proposals for predominantly market housing would not qualify; or
    2. The proposal is for a burial site; or
    3. They are in accordance with the Colchester Local Plan policies on appropriate uses in the countryside; or
    4. They are on sites allocated for those uses in the Colchester Site Allocations Development Plan Document or its successor; or
    5. They relate to necessary utilities infrastructure and where no reasonable alternative location is available.
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