Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan

Ended on the 10 August 2020
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Tiptree Village Centre

Objective 19: To maintain and improve a safe, welcoming and attractive village centre.

Objective 20: To sustain and improve the local facilities for existing and new residents.

Objective 21: To promote the provision of sufficient essential services and shops as close to the village centre as possible to service the community.

Objective 22: To facilitate the re-location of other trades that choose to move away from the centre to make way for village centre amenities.

Objective 23: To promote sufficient public car parking spaces in the village centre.

Objective 24: To improve pedestrian and mobility vehicle accessibility and safety for all users.

Tiptree has a thriving village centre and the number of visitors using the facilities is set to increase. Respondents to the community questionnaire expressed great support for their local shops and businesses. Out of a total of around 1000 respondents, 68% did their main food shopping in the village, 93% used the local shops to top up their food shopping, 54% bought hardware in the village, 49% bought toiletries and cosmetics within the village, 33% bought their 'white goods' in Tiptree and 25% bought electronics here.

There is a desire to see the variety of shops increase and there is support for a street market and also for eating and drinking facilities that are open in the evenings. This plan supports proposals that improve the services and facilities available. It will support the relocation of services that are better placed in a dedicated commercial area with good links to the surrounding district and it will support the provision of additional shops, cafes, health facilities and sheltered housing.

With increasing numbers of visitors to Tiptree District Centre, car parking is becoming an issue. There is no longer a public car park in the village and the car parking spaces within the village centre are well used by business employees, those visiting the shops and other facilities and by those taking coach trips from the village. This plan will support the provision of additional car parking for those visiting the District Centre.


The District Centre of Tiptree will be protected and enhanced to provide shops, services and community facilities. Proposals for change of use within the District Centre boundary will need to demonstrate that it will provide a retail use, retail service, community use, financial/ businesses service or a leisure service and will meet the basic needs of the community.


  1. Development proposals adjacent to the District Centre boundary of Tiptree village are encouraged to accommodate one or more of the following uses:
    1. Office and light industrial/workshop uses (Class B1);
    2. Services appropriate to the village centre, including retail services (Class A);
    3. iii. Residential units that address the needs of older people;
    4. Health and social care services;
    5. Public car parking.
  2. Proposals will be required to demonstrate that they will not adversely affect residential amenity, particularly in terms of car parking, noise and hours of operation. Proposals should take every opportunity to promote sustainable travel behaviour.
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