Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan

Ended on the 10 August 2020
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Commercial Activity

Objective 25: To strengthen and support local economic activity and local economic areas.

Objective 26: To encourage small businesses and local employment.

Objective 27: To promote accessible business park(s) for new and existing businesses.

The founding of the jam factory by Wilkin & Sons in 1885 was a big factor in the establishment of the village and has made a major contribution to the identity and heritage of Tiptree. The presence of the jam factory is highly valued by the community as an employer and as a contributor to the life and culture of the village not to mention its role in putting Tiptree 'on the map'. Subsequently a growing number of businesses have made their home in the village – each contributing to making Tiptree the thriving community it is today.

Through the Community Questionnaire, 64 respondents indicated that they operated a business within the village which together accounted for a total of 463 employees. Of these 64 businesses, 11 need space to expand including 3 that would like an affordable unit. In addition a further 25 respondents currently operate a business outside of Tiptree but have expressed a desire to relocate into Tiptree should suitable premises be available. The expressed need is for office space (15 units) and retail or business units (15 units). In each case about half the required units to be available to rent.

Besides Tiptree District Centre there are four designated Local Economic Areas (LEAs) in Tiptree. This plan seeks to protect the present use of commercial buildings within the village centre (Policy TIP08) and in the existing LEAs. Any development proposals affecting these sites or any other sites providing an economic/employment use in Tiptree over the Local Plan period will be required to comply with Policy SG4 of the Emerging Local Plan. Additionally, this plan also provides an additional area for business expansion on the edge of the village. With an increasing population and a role as a rural district centre there is likely to be an increasing demand for certain trades, additional shopping, services, leisure facilities and a hotel; some of which are more suited to a location away from the village centre. This plan makes provision for such development to ensure that Tiptree remains a thriving economy with new employment opportunities for local people. An area approximately 1.5 hectares in size has been set aside for development as a new business park. The final size of this area will in part depend on the expressed demand from businesses wishing to locate here.

The policy below allows for the provision of serviced land (water, electricity and gas supplied) as well as the provision of business units. The nature of some of the businesses that might choose to relocate here may not fit into standard business units and would therefore prefer to develop their own bespoke accommodation. Careful consideration will need to be given to the design of the Business Area to provide for the individual needs whilst maintaining an attractive working environment.


  1. Land at Highlands Nursery (Policy TIP14A) is required to deliver approximately 1.5 hectares of non- residential employment land to support Class B uses and other appropriate employment generating uses. As part of this provision, 0.6ha of non-residential employment land is expected to be serviced and the buildings must comprise:
    1. Units suitable to accommodate larger businesses currently located adjacent to the village District Centre boundary; and
    2. Small and medium sized flexible units suitable for a variety of business types, including expanding companies and small micro start-up businesses.
  2. The design of developments is expected to demonstrate that it is compatible with its surroundings and suitable landscaping measures should be applied to ensure appropriate screening from non-commercial activities.
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