Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan

Ended on the 10 August 2020
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Community Infrastructure

It is important that infrastructure keeps pace with community growth and a number of desirable facilities and amenities were identified in the community questionnaire. Most centred on leisure activities including swimming, cinema, roller skating, snooker, indoor bowling and outdoor enclosed multi-use facilities. 49% of 987 respondents currently travel outside the village for leisure and sport activities and would welcome provision of some, if not all, of these facilities within the village.

A leisure complex providing for some of the above needs plus the provision of a food court, a family restaurant and a hotel would be a welcome addition to the village and could also serve the needs of other nearby villages and smaller towns. Increased youth club provision and places for teenagers to casually meet were requested along with requests for youth-oriented shops, indoor play areas for younger children and amenities for family recreation. The need for improved parking has been identified both within the village centre and on the outskirts. The provision of a general car parking area would allow business parking by day and possibly leisure parking in the evenings and weekend.

In addition to the aspirations expressed through the community questionnaire, the following needs have been identified:

Community Infrastructure Provision

The Leisure and Play Facilities Audit has identified the need for the following:

Require provision of a Local Equipped Area for Play (LEAP) on one of the sites proposed for allocation in the north of the area.

Require provision of a Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) on one of the sites proposed for allocation.

A community sports & social club.

The LEAP is required as part of the development of Highlands Nursery (Policy TIP14) and the MUGA as part of Elms Farm (also Policy TIP14).

Tiptree Parish Council has a further list of the following community projects:

Replacement of junior play equipment at Grove Road Playing Field.

Play equipment upgrade at Caxton Close.

Replacement of Scout Hut with a community youth and scout hall.

Improvements to Sports Centre.

Woodland paths and seating at Warrior's Rest.

Dredging of both ponds and landscaping at Grove Lake.

Adult Fitness Trail on Parish Council land in Park Lane.

Multi games surface at Grove Road Playing Field.

Provision of a new cemetery.

A number of the infrastructure items are considered necessary to address the needs arising from the development of over 600 new dwellings over the plan period. These items are specifically identified in Policy TIP11.

(1) POLICY TIP11: Planning Obligations

  1. Planning Obligations will be required that support the delivery of community and other appropriate infrastructure in Tiptree and meet the necessary legal tests.
  2. The following infrastructure items are required to be delivered on site as part of the site allocation at Highlands Nursery and Elms Farm (Policy TIP14):
    1. A Locally Equipped Area for Play (LEAP) at Highlands Nursery.
    2. A Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) at Elms Farm.
  3. Where appropriate, all development will be expected to contribute (through Section 106 as appropriate or, if put in place, through Community Infrastructure Levy contribution) to the following community infrastructure projects which will address the needs arising from growth:
    1. Improvements to children's play equipment at Grove Road and Caxton Close.
    2. Replacement of the Scout Hut.
    3. Improvements to the Sports Centre.
    4. Provision of an adult fitness trail on Parish Council land in Park Lane.
    5. Education expansion.
    6. Health facilities.
    7. Suitable site proposals for burial land (see Policy TIP01).

Church Road, Tiptree

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