Marks Tey Neighbourhood Plan

[estimated] Ended on the 5 April 2021
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1. Introduction

1.1 This document is the submission Neighbourhood Plan (NP) for the Marks Tey neighbourhood plan area over the period 2020 to 2033. The purpose of the NP is to set a framework for future development within the plan area. Once made, the NP will carry the same legal weight as plans drawn up by Colchester Borough Council. The planners must follow what is in the NP when making decisions about planning applications in the area subject to material considerations[1].

1.2 The work of the Marks Tey NP has been led by the NP steering group which comprises nine people; all residents in the parish. Of these nine members, one is a parish councillors.

1.3 The NP area is the parish of Marks Tey. It includes Marks Tey village, the hamlet of Little Tey and, to the east, Marks Tey train station. Two historical hamlets, Long Green and Potts Green are now part of Marks Tey village. At the same time as the NP being prepared, Colchester Borough Council are bringing forward the Local Plan 2017 to 2033. Once adopted, this plan will replace the current Local Plan 2001 to 2021 and provide the strategy for growth for the borough up to 2033.

1.4 The Local Plan process has created an uncertain strategic policy context for the Marks Tey NP, not least because of the extended examination period (the examination commenced into Part 1 of the Local Plan in October 2017 and is expected to be concluded later in 2020) and the removal, during the examination process, of the Colchester/Braintree Borders Garden Community for which previously the entirety of Marks Tey parish had been identified as an area of search. The Marks Tey NP has had an important role to play during this uncertain context in articulating clearly what the priorities for future development are. Part 1 of the Local Plan no longer includes proposals for a Garden Community in Marks Tey parish and neither does it include a local housing figure to be delivered through the Marks Tey NP.

1.5 The vision, objectives and policy proposals in this plan have been directly informed by the results of community consultation. This includes the results of a comprehensive 16-page residents survey covering 48 questions undertaken in January 2017. Over three hundred surveys were returned from either individuals or householders. The survey covered the following topics:

  • Getting Around
  • Housing
  • Facilities
  • Environment
  • Economy
  • Heritage

1.6 In addition to listening to the views of the community, the NP steering work have also built up its own evidence base including:

  • Marks Tey Character Assessment, NP steering group 2019
  • Marks Tey Neighbourhood Plan Masterplanning support document, Out Design 2017 (undertaken by Out Design via the Locality direct support programme)
  • July 2017 Estate Agent survey undertaken by NP steering group.

Map 1.1. The Neighbourhood Plan Area

[1] Many issues are capable of being material considerations, but in broad terms should relate to the use and development of land. As a general principle, the planning system works in the public interest and matters that affect solely private interests are not usually material considerations in planning decisions. However, each application is considered on its merits. (DCLG, Jan 2015 – A plain English Guide to the Planning System)

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