Marks Tey Neighbourhood Plan

[estimated] Ended on the 5 April 2021
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(1) 5. Neighbourhood Plan Vision and Objectives

5.1 An initial draft of a vision for the plan, together with an initial set of eight objectives was sent out to all homes in the plan area as part of the 16-page household leaflet in January 2017. The feedback on this work helped to inform a revised vision as follows:

"A sensitive sustainable community reflecting the housing and employment needs of the locality; helping to build cohesion in the village, maintaining and strengthening a sense of place across the parish, whilst maintaining our countryside surroundings (including access to it) and improving highways, paths and cycleways to gain better access to our surrounding environment."

5.2 Six themes and nine core objectives underpin this vision:

Table 5.1: NP themes and objectives


Core Objectives

Getting Around

1. Existing severe congestion and traffic volumes are not made worse through new development in the parish.

2. Create a more connected and cohesive community

Sense of place

3. Maintain and strengthen sense of place

4. Preserving and enhancing our designated and non-designated heritage assets.

A stronger community

5. Existing community facilities including open space will be protected and opportunities to improve existing provision will be realised

A healthier environment

6. Protect and foster the natural environment for the benefit of people, flora and wildlife

7. Noise, air, and light pollution will be effectively managed


8. New housing developments will include variety and choice and will meet existing local needs (in terms of type and tenure)

Business and employment

9. Businesses will continue to thrive in the parish

5.3 This Neighbourhood Plan does not allocate sites for development. The Out Design Masterplanning report provides guidance to the community in terms of potential options for the future growth of the parish. The work has informed our understanding of priorities for the parish in spatial terms and we will use it when working with stakeholders, in particular, Colchester Borough. However, the NP steering group do not consider it prudent to identify development sites until the implications of the planned strategic transport infrastructure measures are understood in more detail. For instance, it is unknown how Highways Englands proposals for a revised Junction 25 on the A12 will impact land around the London Road centre and the Parish Hall recreation ground.

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