Marks Tey Neighbourhood Plan

[estimated] Ended on the 5 April 2021
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7.0 Community Projects

7.1 The neighbourhood plan work highlighted a number of issues, opportunities and challenges which could not be addressed through planning policies in the neighbourhood plan because they fell outside of the scope of a planning policy or because they fell outside the scope of a neighbourhood plan. One of aspects which the NP steering group initially wanted to address through the NP was to steer the direction of development through the actual allocation of development sites to come forward during the plan period. However, we still don't know the routes of the A12 and A120 and without this certainty it would be premature to undertake this work.

7.2 Seven community actions are identified here to establish areas of work which the Parish Council wishes to commit to as a way of complementing the NP vision, themes, objectives and policies.

Community Action 1 – A120 Improvements

We will continue to campaign for a 20s plenty campaign on the A120 (Coggeshall Road) which runs through the village.

We will work with stakeholders and seek the implementation of environmental measures which would help make the A120 into a Quality Street for all.

Related policy link: MT03

Community Action 2 – Parish-wide street scene, pedestrian accessibility and environmental improvements

We will work with stakeholders to seek improvements to the street scene, pedestrian accessibility and other environmental improvements parish-wide including the measures set out in Tables 6.1 and 6.2 of this plan.

Related policy link: MT01 and MT03

Community Action 3 – London Road Centre Improvements

We will work with stakeholders including the landowners, county and borough councils and tenants to bring about shop front improvements, street scene improvements and increased off-street parking provision particularly seeking if it is possible to link this with station related car parking.

We will seek management arrangements to control HGV parking.

Related policy link: MT14

Community Action 4 – Marks Tey Station Better provision and management of parking.

We will seek increases in off street parking to serve our train station particularly in relation to Community Action 3.

We will work alongside stakeholders to develop a strategic long-term plan for the efficient provision of formal and managed station-related car parking as well as more informal station-related car parking.

Related policy link: MT01 and MT14

Community Action 5 – Marks Tey Station. Passenger accessibility to and through the station

We will explore with other agencies to see if pedestrian access across North Lane rail bridge could be improved by working with RailTrack initiatives to enable disabled access through the station.

Related policy link: MT01

Community Action 6 – Reinstatement of Potts Green

We will seek the reinstatement of Potts Green as a publicly accessible open space.

Related policy link: MT10 & MT07

Community Action 7 – Non designated heritage assets and the Borough's Local List

We will work with the borough and seek the inclusion of our locally important heritage assets onto the Borough Local List.

Related policy link: MT07

Community Action 8 – A12 and A120 strategic road improvements

The Parish Council will seek a partnership commitment with the Highways Agency and Essex County Council to significantly reduce traffic and congestion in the village while pursuing the A12 and A120 strategic improvements

Related policy link: MT07

Community Action 9 – A new pedestrian and cycle route from the parish hall recreation ground to Dobbies Lane

Alongside Policy MT15 of this plan, the Parish Council will work with landowners and stakeholders to secure the delivery of the pedestrian/cycle route from the parish hall recreation ground to Dobbies Lane.

Related policy link: MT15

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