West Mersea Neighbourhood Plan

Ended on the 3 September 2021
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Appendix 3 - Agreement of Understanding and Cooperation between the West Mersea

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (WMNPSG) and East Mersea Parish Council (EMPC)

  1. The aim of this agreement is to establish a good working relationship between the WMNPSG and EMPC. This is essential for the purpose of constructing a Neighbourhood Plan (NP) for West Mersea that will also give due consideration to the community of East Mersea.
  2. The WMNPSG and EMPC will work closely together on areas where they share a common interest. Examples of this are the caravan parks, tourism, the environment Including but not limited to the preservation and benefit of our wildlife, birds, and seawater quality, recreational areas and open spaces. There may be other areas identified as the process develops.
  3. A representative of EMPC will have a seat on the WMNPSG and will liaise between both community groups. The representative will be included on the distribution for the NPSG agenda, and minutes and will also have access to view information on the NP Google drive. The EMPC representative will share information and data which is available to them in support of the NP.
  4. Following the adoption of the NP both East and West Mersea Councils may consider it beneficial to have procedures in place to ensure the policies contained within the NP are monitored and complied with.
  5. This agreement will provide evidence for inclusion in the NP Consultative Statement of how the WMNPSG engaged and consulted with East Mersea Parish Council to shape the development of the NP.

Cllr Jeff Mason Cllr Peter Banks

Chairman EMPC Chairman WMNPSG


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