West Mersea Neighbourhood Plan

Ended on the 3rd September 2021
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Appendix 4 - Nationally Designated Heritage Assets

Listed Buildings:

Yew Tree House , 12 Coast Road

1 & 2 The Square, Coast Road

Rosebank , 58 Coast Road

Stone House, 112 Coast Road

The White Cottage, 136 Coast Road

The Old Victory, 140,(141),142 Coast Road

Smugglers Way, 144 Coast Road

Wellhouse, Colchester Road

Redwing, 6 Colchester Road

Bocking Hall, East Mersea Road

Garden Farm 2 East Road (listed as Farmhouse Garden)

Forge Cottage, 10 East Mersea Road

Brierley Hall,72 East Road

Brierley Hall Garden Wall, 72 East Road

Garden Cottage,114 & 116 East Road

Cherrytree Cottage, 50 East Road (listed as Pear Tree Cottage).

The Firs, 19 Firs Chase

West Mersea Hall, 4 High Street

Brick House, 67 High Street North

Picaroon Cottage & Mariners Way, 1 & 3 The Lane

Bluebird Cottage, 5 The Lane

Anchor Cottage, 9 The Lane

Curlew Cottage, 17 The Lane

Periwinkle , 2 The Lane

Nutshell, 4 The Lane

Little Timbers,6 The Lane

Creek Cottage, St Botolph's, 37 The Lane formerly 3 The Lane

Honeysuckle Cottage, 45, 47 & 49 The Lane

51 The Lane

Casa Pantis, 20 Yorick Road

Barn at Brierley Hall Farm, 72 East Road. (listed but blown down in 2001)

Barn at Brierley Hall Farm (possibly the brick building attached to the house)

56 Coast Road, (Formerly listed as 10 Coast Road)

30 Firs Chase

32 Firs Chase


1 Hectare = 2.47105 Acres = 10,000 sq. metres 1 Acre = 0.4047 Ha

CBC has in it's IDP Oct 2017 Report in various tables show requirements for West Mersea with the extra 200 Dwellings and 448 persons:

Parks and Gardens: 0.79ha

NSN: 2.24ha

AGS: 0.49ha

Allotments: 0.09ha £8,960

Playspace: 0.11 £0

Youth Needs: 0.13 £0

Grass Sports Pitches 0.54 £80,000 (equivalent of one adult football pitch)




Community Centre Needs 150sq. m

Community Centre Needs facilities 0





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