Draft Schedule of Main Modifications to Section 2 Colchester Local Plan

Ended on the 18 November 2021
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Schedule of Main Modifications to the Publication Draft Colchester Local Plan: Section Two - August 2021


The following Schedule sets out the Main Modifications to the Section 2 Colchester Local Plan – Publication Draft June 2017, considered necessary by the Planning Inspector for the Section 2 Local Plan to be made sound. This version consolidates and supersedes previous Schedules which the Council published before the Examination Hearing Sessions.

The modifications are shown in the same order as the Local Plan. The modifications are expressed either in the form of strikethrough for deletions or bold for additions of text. The page numbers and paragraph numbering below refer to the Publication Draft Section 2 Colchester Local Plan 2017 to 2033 – June 2017.

Each modification has been given a unique 'MM number' which should be quoted in the relevant section of the Council's response form if you are making a response to the consultation.

The Main Modifications have been assessed through the Sustainability Appraisal (SA) Addendum (September 2021) and Habitats Regulations Assessment (September 2021). These have been published for consultation and comments are also invited on each of these documents.

The Council have prepared two further schedules, Additional Modifications and Modifications to the Policies Maps (please see separate schedules). For transparency and completeness, these have also been published for consultation here.

To assist with the consultation, the Council have prepared a tracked changes version of the Section 2 Colchester Local Plan, showing all modifications (main and additional).

All of the above mentioned documents are available on the Council's Examination Website.

The Consultation is open for comment from 4 October to 15 November 2021. You can respond in a number of ways:

  • Online via the Consultation Portal - https://colchester.oc2.uk/
  • Email – send a completed response form to Local.Plan@colchester.gov.uk
  • Letter – send a completed response from to: Planning Policy, Colchester Borough Council, Rowan House, 33 Sheepen Road, Colchester, CO3 3WG

All representations will be published on the Council's consultation portal, although private e-mail and postal addresses and other contact details, and any signatures will be redacted. This is in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and General Data Protection Regulations. We will submit representations received to the Independent Planning Inspector appointed to examine the Local Plan.

If you are having trouble using the system, please try our help guide.
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