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Ended on the 16 September 2016
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(6) 8. Delivery Strategy and Implementation

8.1 The Council will work in partnership with a range of public, private and voluntary sector organisations to co-ordinate investment and ensure the successful implementation and delivery of the Local Plan Vision, Objectives and policies. To achieve this aim, the Council will use a range of mechanisms including masterplanning, planning performance agreements, and formation of delivery bodies. This work will occur both at the strategic Garden Communities level, as explained in Part 1 of the plan, and at the more local level, as provided in the policies and allocations for sites in Colchester set forth in Part 2 of the Plan. The Council's Infrastructure Delivery Plan will set out the infrastructure requirements of new development across the Borough along with information on delivery partners, timing and funding.

8.2 A key mechanism for implementing the Local Plan is the consideration of planning applications through the development management process. The Local Plan should be read as a whole and applications for planning permission will be considered against all relevant policies in the Local Plan and the NPPF.

8.3 The Council is assessing the Local Plan to ensure its policies and allocation support economic prosperity and development viability. As explained in Policy SG5, Developers will be required to contribute towards providing and enhancing strategic infrastructure through the Community Infrastructure Levy. Planning obligations through Section 106 will continue to provide funding to mitigate negative impacts relating to a specific development. CIL will complement and not duplicate planning obligations.

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