Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan

Ended on the 12 October 2022
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(16) 10 Community Infrastructure

Objective 2: To meet the housing, infrastructure and service requirements and needs of Tiptree and its residents in a sustainable manner.

10.1 It is important that infrastructure keeps pace with community growth and a number of desirable facilities and amenities were identified in the community questionnaire. Most centred on leisure activities including swimming, cinema, roller skating, snooker, indoor bowling and outdoor enclosed multi-use facilities. 49% of 987 respondents currently travel outside the village for leisure and sports activities and would welcome provision of some, if not all, of these facilities within the village.

10.2 Whilst the scale and cost of many of these types of uses mean that they could not be delivered through the scale of growth proposed, the Neighbourhood Plan and the site allocations in particular provide an opportunity to deliver on some of the community's infrastructure needs.

Community infrastructure provision

10.3 A Leisure and Play Facilities Audit[9] was undertaken in 2021. Based on the 400 dwellings proposed for allocation in the Neighbourhood Plan (and reflecting what is to be provided as part of the 200 dwellings at Barbrook Lane), it identified the need for the following which should be delivered on the site allocations as advised in Policy TIP10:

  • Allotment provision totalling 0.4 hectares (equating to approximately 32 plots), but recognising that 19 of these plots would be to address existing deficits in provision, therefore should not be funded by the proposed development where it is located.
  • A new Medical Centre – if provided alone then this should be on approximately 0.4 hectares. Provision as part of a larger hub is preferred (see below).
  • Community hall and meeting space provision. This could be part of a larger hub which, for example, could include the Medical Centre. This space would be able to create a 'Health and Wellbeing Hub' which could incorporate elements of primary care, community and voluntary partners supporting the community and enhancing their health and wellbeing.

10.4 In addition, Tiptree Parish Council has identified the following community infrastructure needs that will help to address identified community needs without requiring significant new provision (with the exception of the burial ground):

Play facilities

  • Replacement of play equipment for 10-14 year olds at Grove Road Playing Field.

Sports/wellbeing facilities

  • Woodland paths and seating at Warrior's Rest.

Other facilities

  • Provision of a new burial ground. This was not identified as a specific need but existing space is very limited and further space is likely to be required over the lifetime of the plan.

10.5 Developments which will create additional demand that is directly related to any of these facilities will be expected to contribute to their enhancement or new provision as necessary. In the case of new burial ground space, proposals to provide this will be strongly supported.


  1. The provision of appropriate community infrastructure is required to support growth in Tiptree. The site allocations at Highland Nursery (Policy TIP15) and Elms Farm (Policy TIP16) shall be the focus of new provision and shall provide land and financial contributions towards provision where appropriate and justified. Other sites shall make financial contributes towards provision where appropriate and justified.
  2. The provision of specific community infrastructure items will be as follows:
    1. At Elms Farm (Policy TIP16) - Land for a community hub, incorporating a Medical Centre and car parking. If the Medical Centre is provided as a standalone facility, it shall be on a site of at least 0.4 hectares. The community space shall provide a community hall and meeting spaces totalling at least 300m2.
    2. At Elms Farm (Policy TIP16) - Allotments totalling approximately 0.4 hectares.
    3. For any new major development, sufficient refuse bins along with contributions towards their servicing and maintenance.
  3. Where meeting the tests of a planning obligation, new development will be expected to contribute as necessary to the following items:
    1. Replacement of play equipment for 10-14 year olds at Grove Road Playing Field.
    2. Woodland paths and seating at Warrior's Rest.
  4. Proposals to provide additional burial ground space in Tiptree will be strongly supported.

10.6 In view of the need for a new health facility, Tiptree Parish Council will support North East Essex CCG and NHS England in ensuring suitable and sustainable provision of Primary Healthcare services for the residents of Tiptree.

Photograph of the Tiptree Community Centre

Tiptree Community Centre

[9] Navigus Planning (2021) Tiptree Leisure and Play Facilities Audit, for Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan

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