Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan

Ended on the 12 October 2022
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(21) 13 Non-policy Actions

13.1 This section identifies the actions which cannot be resolved by Neighbourhood Plan policies. These concern a range of matters raised by the community which are important. Tiptree Parish Council will seek to work with partners and lead agencies to address these issues.

Table 13.1: Non-land use issues to be addressed

Possible actions

Homes and Housing

Tiptree Parish Council to work with Colchester Borough Council and relevant housing associations to secure affordable housing provision both for rent and for purchase for people with a local connection to Tiptree. (See paragraph 13.2).

Countryside and green spaces

Provision of woodland footpaths at Warrior's Rest.

Grove Lake: essential engineering, dredging and landscaping to improve value to wildlife

To establish a country park in the Tiptree area accessible to all user groups.

Traffic and Transport

Seek to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists along the length of Church Road by carefully considered traffic management schemes.

Seek to influence the upgrading of the Braxted Park Road and especially Appleford Bridge to ensure this remains a viable route for southbound traffic heading for the A12.

Seek to ensure mitigation measures are in place to encourage southbound traffic to continue to use Station Road and Braxted Park Road rather than Church Road to access the A12.

Seek to improve public/community transport links to Witham and Kelvedon Railway stations.

Investigate the provision of a circular bus route, possibly using EV minibuses.

Seek to improve public transport links to Colchester in the evenings (Colchester CLP S2 para 6.215 states that the regular bus route serving Colchester is one of the factors that contribute to Tiptree being considered a sustainable settlement suitable for growth).

Community Infrastructure

The provision of sport and leisure facilities for older teenagers (14-18).

Explore alternative banking provision.

Tiptree Parish Council will work with dental and health providers to improve medical facilities in Tiptree.

Make improvements to the existing Community Centre, including provision of air conditioning and replacement of seating.

To add valued historical assets such as buildings, lanes and the remaining Kelvedon-Tiptree-Tollesbury Light Railway track bed to the CBC 'Local List' of heritage assets.

13.2 It is important that local people (or those with a local connection) who wish to be considered for affordable housing in Tiptree should put their names down on the Colchester Borough Council Housing Register. This would mean that they may become eligible for any future affordable housing in Tiptree. Colchester Borough Council use Gateway to Home Choice and operates under its allocation policies. Applicants can register their need on the website (www.gatewaytohomechoice.org.uk). Alternatively you may access the site through the Colchester Borough Council website (www.colchester.gov.uk/housing).

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