Biodiversity Supplementary Planning Document

Ended on the 22 March 2023
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(1) Chapter 7: Householder applications

All development proposals, even householder applications, can benefit nature, and benefit from nature through integrating and creating space for nature into design and layouts. The State of Nature 2019 recognises that there is enormous potential for engaging people to take action in their own gardens and the Essex Local Nature Partnership has a target of 1 in 4 people in Essex taking action for Nature Recovery, which is a target adopted from the Essex Wildlife Trust.

Some examples of ways a householder application can create space for biodiversity are:

  • Provide bird and bat boxes and bricks
  • Put up a bird feeder
  • Include a bee or bug hotel in your garden
  • Leave an area of your garden to grow wild. Leaving grasses and wildflowers to grow provides shelter and food for insects and small mammals.
  • Plant wildflowers
  • Create insect habitats
  • Add a hole in your garden fence to contribute to a hedgehog highway
  • Create a pond
  • Grasscrete driveways
  • Plant native trees, shrubs, and flowers
  • Green roofs and walls

Naturehood provides lots of step-by-step guides, information and inspiration for positive actions people can take to support wildlife in their gardens.

If you are having trouble using the system, please try our help guide.
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