Biodiversity Supplementary Planning Document

Ended on the 22 March 2023
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(3) Chapter 8: Planning application expectations

The Council expects applicants to demonstrate how the creating space for nature design principles have been incorporated into the design of the development proposal. Where relevant, compliance with the principles set out in this SPD should be shown on the Landscaping Plan, e.g. the location of bat and bird boxes. The Council expects that a section should be included in the Design and Access Statement detailing the biodiversity enhancement measures and details of how these will be managed and maintained long-term.

In order to validate all major applications, the Council requires submission of the latest Defra Biodiversity Metric. The Defra metric calculator supporting this metric output will also need to be submitted to allow an understanding of the habitats being lost and gained. Please see the Natural England website for the latest Defra Metric Calculator Tool and its User Guide Ecology surveys.

Independent ecological surveys carried out by suitably qualified experts (carried out within the last 12 months) will be required where a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal or Extended Phase 1 Habitat survey recommend species specific surveys. Ecological surveys must be submitted with the application and follow best practice and guidance.

If there is a need for mitigation, or as a last resort compensation, a mitigation strategy must be submitted with the application, which complies with Natural England's Biodiversity mitigation plan checklist. The mitigation strategy must show how the mitigation measures will be managed and maintained over a 30-year period.

Applicants must submit the Climate Emergency Checklist in support of their application. This Checklist covers the issues included in this SPD, the Active Travel SPD and the Climate Change SPD. It is a means for applicants, DM Officers, and Planning Committee Members to understand the measures that have been incorporated into a development proposal to address the climate and ecological emergency and ensure compliance with the three Climate Emergency SPDs and the policies they build upon and to demonstrate that the climate and ecological emergency has been considered.

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