Section 1 - Publication Draft Local Plan

Ended on the 11 August 2017
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(2)9. Delivery, Implementation and Monitoring Arrangements

9.1 The North Essex authorities will work together to deliver cross-authority strategic proposals contained in section 1 of their plans, including the garden communities. This entails consideration of appropriate models for the governance, funding and comprehensive delivery of these innovative large scale and long term growth projects in line with the principles set out in policy SP7.   In view of the scale and long term nature of the proposed garden communities, the authorities intend to have a significant role in how the communities are phased and delivered and to ensure that the infrastructure and other supporting measures to support the residents of the new communities are delivered in advance of or at the same time as new homes. This should also help ensure delivery throughout different economic cycles.

9.2 Without prejudice to the outcomes of the Local Plan approval process, the North Essex authorities have created an overarching governance body to be known as North Essex Garden Communities Limited (NEGC Ltd) to coordinate the development and delivery of the new communities. Further local delivery vehicles will be established in association with landowners for each proposed garden community with the capacity to lead the delivery of each community on a comprehensive basis and with proportionate local authority support to help secure the quality of place and delivery of infrastructure set out in the policies in this plan. In addition to strong local authority involvement and leadership, delivery of garden communities will also rely on active and sustained engagement with existing local communities and stakeholders.    The Councils will explore other models of delivery if they can be confident that it will deliver the same quality and timing of outcomes for the community as a whole, both those in the new garden communities and the existing communities that will be affected.

9.3 The North Essex authorities will monitor these section 1 policies to ensure that they are effective and delivering the intended outcomes, including their collective implications for the area as a whole.  Monitoring of Part 1 objectives and outcomes as outlined in the table below will be assessed regularly by the authorities in their annual Authority Monitoring Reports (AMR), in addition to the monitoring of the individual Part 2 of each Local Plan.  It should be noted that where there is an unacceptable delay in delivery of development and/or infrastructure occurs, the local authorities will use mechanisms and powers including establishing locally-led Development Corporations and the use of Compulsory Purchase Orders, to intervene.

9.4 Table 1 Monitoring Requirements of the Section 1

Part One Policies

Part One Objectives


Key Indicators in Authority Monitoring Reports

SP1 Presumption in favour of Sustainable Development

SP2 Meeting Housing Needs

SP3 Providing for Employment

SP4 Infrastructure and Connectivity

SP5 Place Shaping Principles

SP6 Spatial Strategy for North Essex

SP7 Garden Communities

SP8 Tendring Colchester Borders Garden Community

SP9 Colchester Braintree Borders Garden Community

SP10 West Braintree Garden Community

Providing sufficient new homes

Fostering economic development

Providing new and improved infrastructure

Addressing education and healthcare needs

Ensuring high quality outcomes

Deliver Garden Communities as the most sustainable options for large scale, long term growth

Deliver new employment land in line with spatial strategy and evidence base targets

Deliver new housing in line with spatial strategy and Objectively Assessed Need targets

Increase modal share of non-motorised transport.

Delivery of identified infrastructure schemes including transport, education, community, healthcare, green/blue infrastructure and environmental protection

Approved DPDS, masterplans &

other planning & design guidance in place for each community prior to the commencement of development it relates to

Local authority agreement and delivery of governance, community involvement, stewardship arrangements and  funding arrangements for Garden Communities

Amount of floorspace development for employment and leisure by type.

Market and affordable housing completions per annum (net)

Monitor modal splits and self-containment via Census and measure traffic levels on key routes

Identify and monitor progress of strategic infrastructure projects

Monitor availability of DPDs and other planning guidance relative to the submission & determination of planning applications for the development it relates to

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