Consultation Draft Statement of Community Involvement 2018

Ended on the 9 May 2018
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1. Introduction

What is a Statement of Community Involvement?

1.1 A Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) is a document that Councils are required to produce that sets out what consultation will take place with the community on planning policy documents and planning applications. The document states who the Council will consult with, when and how.

1.2 National Planning Practice Guidance states that:

"Section 18 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 requires local planning authorities to produce a Statement of Community Involvement, which should explain how they will engage local communities and other interested parties in producing their Local Plan and determining planning applications. The Statement of Community Involvement should be published on the local planning authority's website."

(Planning Practice Guidance 15-004-20140306) (06.03.14)

1.3 The SCI provides clarity on the extent of community involvement that will take place. It sets out clear consultation procedures and standards that the Council will follow when undertaking consultations on draft planning policy documents and when planning applications are received. This 2018 SCI supersedes the 2013 SCI and has been produced predominantly to reflect changes in national policy and legislation. This requirement has also been taken as an opportunity to make the document more concise and user friendly.

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