Myland & Braiswick Neighbourhood Plan Review

Ended on the 15 May 2023



Collectively the objectives provide a vision for the future:

The neighbourhoods of Myland and Braiswick will continue to be desirable places to live. Quality of life will be supported by suitable housing, the necessary education provision and local employment opportunities. Health and well-being will be gained through access to social amenity including sport and leisure, green open space, a network of public rights of way and community venues. Ours will be a cohesive community that enjoys the benefits flowing from connectivity across neighbourhood areas.


The responses to surveys recently carried out provide sound evidence to support the continued applicability of the original objectives.

Housing growth will provide a mix of high quality, well-designed dwellings that meet the different needs across the community.

Education provision for all ages and requirements will be in-step with housing growth.

Local employment opportunities will be created to support housing growth, minimise related travel burdens and boost the local economy.

High-speed broadband will be encouraged as a standard infrastructure feature in all new business and housing developments.

Sensitive development design will help to meet the challenge of climate change and protect and enhance the natural and historic environment.

Social amenity will be provided by developments that bring facilities and services to support social cohesion, health and well-being and sense of place.

Housing growth will be matched by health and well-being opportunities through sport and leisure provision including the protection and provision of open space.

Developments will be supported by transport strategies that provide effective and environmentally friendly travel solutions.

To bring together across the Public Realm the themes within this Plan that achieve the Vision that Myland and Braiswick will be desirable places to live with quality of life supported by health and wellbeing across cohesive communities.

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