Myland & Braiswick Neighbourhood Plan Review

Ended on the 15 May 2023



Our objective for employment is that local opportunities will be created that support housing growth and minimise related travel burdens and boost the local economy.


EMP1 – The adjacent North Colchester Strategic Employment Zone effectively delivers the local employment opportunities to support housing growth in the area commensurate with Colchester Local Plan Policy NC1 – North Colchester and Severalls Strategic Economic, Area with supplementary additions to employment through local retail outlets in new developments.

EMP2 – The provision of a broad range of business unit sizes small workshops, office accommodation for short-term hire and business incubation units will be encouraged to facilitate new start-ups and help growing businesses to remain in north Colchester.

EMP3 – High-speed broadband will be encouraged as a standard infrastructure feature in all new business and housing developments to promote both formal and home working environments.

Rational and Evidence

It is recognised that employment and the opportunity to find local work feature strongly in people's health and well-being and hence their quality of life. A feature that emerged during research for both the Myland Design and Statement, the Myland Parish Plan, and replicated in the original Plan survey was a requirement to help reduce commuter travel need and time and to boost local business enterprise. The January/February 2022 survey respondents clearly see it as important that local employment opportunities are created alongside housing development. They are seen as coming through retail and leisure provision plus provision of business/office units. The Northern Gateway developments are cited as opportunity providers. There is considerable crossover with responses under social amenity. Good transport links are required. The Plan policies reflect recommendations made at page 27 of the MDS (see Appendix A).

Developments at Chesterwell and Kingswood Heath bring employment in retail and education and the Northern Gateway development areas will bring a range of opportunities in retail, entertainment and small business sites. Business unit accommodation provision exists in Chesterwell, Kingswood Heath and Northern Gateway sites.

Relevant Colchester Local Plan Employment Policies

CBC Policy NC1: "North Colchester and Severalls Strategic Economic Area states, "All land and premises within the … Area, including the areas known as the Northern Gateway and the Severalls and Colchester Business Park will be safeguarded for the identified uses … all proposes …will be required to provide good public transport, pedestrian and cycle links ensuring good connectivity…" See also Social Amenity for details of Northern Gateway provision.

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