Myland & Braiswick Neighbourhood Plan Review

Ended on the 15 May 2023



Our objective in this area is that housing growth will be matched by health and well-being opportunities through sport and leisure provision.


The following policies are focused more specifically on access to sport and leisure and should be seen as complementary to other policies with a health and well-being focus.

SPL1 – In harmony with active lifestyles afforded by greenspace provision MCC and BRA will encourage developers and CBC to enable the provision of sport and leisure facilities, as far as possible on the Chesterwell, Severalls Phase 2 and Northern Gateway developments.

SPL2 – As amenities that facilitate both sustainable transport and bringing benefit to health and wellbeing, Myland and Braiswick footpaths and Public Rights of Way will be maintained and protected (if necessary by authorised diversion and new rights of way, including bridleways, encouraged commensurate with the Essex Public Rights of Way Improvement Plan. This will include Public Rights of Way for vulnerable users.

SPL3 – CBC and developers will liaise with MCC and BRA, local sports clubs and societies as key stakeholders in determining sport provision in north Colchester in harmony with the most up to date CBC Sports Strategy and Action Plan available.

Rational and Evidence

Similar to the loss of green open space at 'Environment' above, Myland and Braiswick have seen major loss of sports associated leisure venues, e.g. Flakt Woods (when at Braiswick), Severalls, Turner Village and Royal London are all sites that offered a arrange of sports and linked social activities, not only to their employees but also the wider local community.

Decorative image. Playing field.

Survey respondents in 2013-14 and again in 2022 are clear that it is important that housing growth is matched by opportunities for sport and leisure. Residents very clearly welcome the new Northern Gateway Rugby Club and sports facilities and other opportunities that are forthcoming. The Braiswick Bowling Green at Keepers Green is a valuable leisure/health and wellbeing asset. A high number also seek sports gyms in public open spaces and access to a swimming pool. A wide range of other sports and recreation items received a mention. The Plan policies are inn harmony with the MDS recommendation, page 25, "New developments in Myland should incorporate accessible, varied sport and leisure facilities for residents".

The 'Turnstone' element of the Northern Gateway development will provide a range of leisure facilities, such as a cinema, bowling alley, restaurant and hotel close to the Colchester United Stadium. Close by is the David Lloyd club and the new rugby and sports centre is open nearby. The secondary school to be provided at Chesterwell will also offer sports facilities to the public. The Myland and Braiswick Green Network will also have a role in 'casual leisure'. MCC should:

  • feed survey data into the CBC Sports Strategy and Action Plan or its successor.
  • Examine the 'wish-list' to identify possible solutions that MCC might itself supply, e.g., external table tennis, hopper bus service to swimming venues.

Relevant Colchester Local Plan Sport and Leisure Policies

CBC is seeking to protect, enhance and deliver new sports and leisure facilities, see Policy DM4.

Policy DM4: Sports Provision – "Colchester Borough Council with work with sports providers across the Borough to protect, enhance and deliver new sports and leisure facilities to encourage active lifestyles and to increase participation in formal and informal recreation."

Decorative image. Playing field.

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